Profile Provider

SQL Table Profile Provider Sample

The good people over at has provided the developer community with ASP.NET 2.0 Table Profile Provider Samples which gives developers an excellent base to building their own profile providers for storing information “in the clear” in SQL Server, rather than the default blob field.

I converted their SQLTableProfileProvider class from C# to VB, with a modification on it to hanlde Null parameters: This modification requires an additional value in the customProviderData attribute of the profile properties defined in the web.config. This third value is true or false and specifies if the column will AllowNulls. customProviderData="FirstName;nvarchar;false"

Here’s the SQLStoredProcedureProfileProvider class converted from C# to VB as well:

For documentation, please see the whitepaper provided with the original code.
(Feb 2012 Update: The location of the original code no longer exists at, however, you can download a cached copy of the page here.)

(Feb 2016 Update: The location of the original post has been relocated to