JB WebTech is a full service technology consultant, specializing in programming web applications using ASP.NET, small office and home office networking, and PC troubleshooting.

Web Application Development / Hosting

Custom websites designed to your specifications. Each website built is unique to the individual or organization it is designed for. Cookie-cutter layouts where all sites look the same are not used. Your site will have its own look and feel. Websites are built using the .NET Framework technology and Microsoft’s latest tools for developing high performance websites with the highest degree of compatitbility between browsers.

A website is a great tool to give yourself an internet presence for your current and potential customers and to be able to present your products and services to. It’s also a great resource that your friends, customers, employers, or anyone, can go to and learn more about you.

E-commerce sites can also be built where you can sell your products right from your website. If you don’t already have a merchant account, JB WebTech can assist you in setting one up. Websites don’t have to be all about presenting a ‘face’ to the world either. They can be built as applications that also support database back-ends. There can be user logins to give certain individuals access to a specific area of the website.

You can provide custom specifications for the design and functions your web application needs to perform, and JB WebTech will program it for you!

Website Hosting / Email Hosting

Along with the websites developed, JB WebTech can also provide you with website hosting. If you already have a website and want to redesign it, or are looking for another place to host it, JB WebTech can help. If all you’re looking for is to have email addreses (with or without a website) then we can provide email hosting support as well.

Windows Application Development

Custom applications built specifically to your specifications. All Windows applications are developed using the .NET Framework technology and Microsoft’s latest tools for developing reliable, solid and stable applications.

Applications can be programmed for single-user PCs or to support multi-user client/server environments. If your application requires a database back-end, it can be accomodated with either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server.

You provide the specifications for the design and functions your application needs to perform, and JB WebTech will program it for you!

PC Troubleshooting / Repair / Tune-Up / Backup

Computers are a great tool to use, when they’re working right. What do you do when it starts running into problems? Maybe an annoying message is starting to appear when you boot up the PC or when you start an application. Perhaps a device is no longer working. Is it a hardware or software problem? Maybe the computer is starting to run progressively slower. Do you know if you have all your critical operating system updates installed? If your hard drive has a catostrophic failure, can you recover all your data, or is it lost for good?

JB WebTech can help you troubleshoot your computer problems and suggest a course of action. We can optomize your computer to get it working at the highest performance it is capable of. JB WebTech can also perform a full system backup of your hard drive to provide you with a sense of security that your most important files won’t be lost in the case of a hard drive failure.

Spyware / Adware / Malware / Virus Removal

Unfortunately there are many hackers who try to spread malicious programs and viruses to unsuspecting users. Do you know if you’ve become the recipient of any of these threats? If you computer is running exceptionally (or even exponentially) slower, if your browser continues to take you to a home page you’ve never heard of and can’t change it back, or if you see a multitude of advertisements pop-up when you’re surfing the internet, then you may have a combination of spyware, adware, malware and/or viruses on your PC.

Spyware records keystrokes and reports it back to “home”, adware bombards you with advertisement pop-ups trying to get you to browse somewhere or purchase something, and virsuses and malware are pieces of code designed to cripple your computer, spread to other computers, cause havoc and even try to erase your data, and sometimes can even perform functions that can actually damage your hardware.

If your computer is showing symptoms of spyware, adware, malware and viruses, then JB WebTech can scan your PC and remove them!

New Computer Consultation / Configuration / Setup

Hardware / Software Installation / Upgrade

Home / Small Office Wireless Networking

House Calls / Office Visits